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Making Your Money Work For You!

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Better than Master Key System!

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Relationships and Faith Before Sales
Relationships and Faith Before Sales

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Weight Loss and Natures Sunshine

Weight Loss that’s real and usable…

Here’s something to consider, but it’s just part of the solution, your detox and hormones should be checked too…

In form introduction –

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Can We Work Together

There real question for people now days is this – Can we work together?  Will we work together – I hope so…

With all the pressure put on us by Government, schools, and local stories and businesses – it does not look like are able to work together too well…

Forced to stay a home and often forced to stay inside…

It way past time to think about what we want as a future as our freedoms are being taken away…

The following video has over an hour of great evidences of voting Fraud – watch share and get involved!


You Need a Great VPS Hosting

Study carefully and than take your Pick – this company knows how to take care of it’s Clients@!@

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B Vitamins – So Important

B Vitamins – are so Important – read the book –

The heart Revolution – with b vitamins – B-12 etc…

Of course this is not the only thing – Vitamin B does – many many benefits…

Just for example – the skin and B3 

Watch the video – and share…


Order here and look at other great products –

even start your own business…

( Sorry about the above link it’s just a resource – must sign in to use it buy that’s a way to stay in touch.. )

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Business Has Changed

Since Covid-19 Business has changed – what an understatement!

Now you have to take things into your own hands, and get the job done from home…

Start with Natures Sunshine… 15%  profits and you start by taking care of your health…

More info @

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Get your energy back – watch the following!

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Love God Obey God

Your example is powerful – are you teaching and love at least two or more generations?

What you started so long ago continues in them!

They are your hope, your future, and your blessing….

Love them, and share with them your hope, your faith, and your passion for living and loving the gospel…

Do they not only know you love them, but that you love GOD too?

I hope so, it’s not just a Christmas thing…

It’s a relationship thing…. your relationship with Christ and Our Father ( Heavenly Father )… do they feel the respect and love you have for them?   The Holy Ghost too?

They are young and so full of energy…

Teach them to love the Lord – Love Heavenly Father….

Love the Scriptures, love to pray and love one another….

Remember – As I have loved you – Love one another… keep your word, keep the spirit, and keep the commandments… keep your covenants… keep your faith and virtue and your Godliness always…

See them a precious gifts – given to you to bring back to the Father… time will come that you will report on those gifts and how you helped them come to Christ and how you lived and loved them… Daily ask – Father how have I done?   What can I do better?  Talk to the Father about them – name by name – what can you do with each of them to know – that you know – God loves them…

Teach them that spirit of love…

Your Life Lessons Matter

So many of us think that we are too old to make a difference!  Let’s think – long term and eternal!   

Everything will not be shown or learned in this life…

If what you have didn’t matter – what about your kids and grand kids – how have they turned out?

Your influence will go on for generations, yes generations…

Family Traditions matter – so does family and love…