Melchizedek was not Jesus Christ but a holy man, king, warrior and Priest of the Most High God and God honored that man!

I’m – Roger Lee Martin.. Sacred Stories.


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Real Stories of Faith, Real heroes … There are so many stories of real life battles of faith – that have been forgotten, past histories, around the world – this must stop and we must bring out this sacred history and share this stories with the world… from Israel to America and beyond…

Are you ready to get Patriarchal – Blessing?

Faithful and ready to receive – let the revelation come, this

is sacred and should not be shared unless prompted to do…


This is sacred History – from you through holy Men… but this is just one example of Sacred History – there is much more in history, in scriptures, in family histories, in legions – passed down from generations to generations…. these things should only be shared with other faithful people –